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Asset / Rent Management System

All About Asset / Rent Management System Software

Asset / Rent Management System

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Asset/Rent Management System
Price ৳395,600 / $4950

Asset or Rent Management System


1. Information/Set Up File Information

      a. Company profile
      b. Employee profile (ID Wise)
      c. Complex Profile/Market Information (ID Wise)
      d. Tenant Basic Information (ID Wise), Search facilities
               e. Bank Account Information Setup

2. Booking Shop

      a. Tenant ID
      b. Deposit/ Security money
      c. Rent (Per Sft.)
      d. Total Rent
      e. Floor, Flat/Shop No.
      f. Advance , Refund
      g. Booking Date
      h. Booked, Delete, update and quit facilities
      i. Search facilities

3. Cancel Shop

      a. Complex ID, Name, Floor, Flat/Shop
                b. Delete, Cancel facilities

4. Rent Allowance

      a. Monthly Bill Allowance
        i. All tenant, Selected Shop, floor wise
        ii. Year, Month, date
                iii. Maintenance & Service Charge(Tenant Name, Floor, Rent, Electric, Gas, Water )

5. Rent Collect

      a. Complex Id, Floor, Type, tenant ID, Bank Name, Branch cash/bank
      b. Total Rent, Less for advance, Net Payable
      c. Receive & Print Money Receipts with Memo Number
      d. Date wise
              e. Search facilities

6. Salary Paid

      a. Employee Id, employee Type, Month, Year,Date
      b. Advance, Advance Refund
      c. Cash, Bank, Memo No.
              d. Print Money receipt

7. Bank Transaction

      a. Withdraw, Deposit
      b. Date, Bank Name, Check No, Withdrawn By
              c. Current Balance, withdraw Amount, Transfer one account to another a

8. Expense

      a. Administrative expense
      b. Date , expense description, expense by, amount
      c. Cash, check, paid by bank name, memo no.
              d. Print facilities, show expense by date to date

9. Report

      a. Tenant Information Complex wise, Floor wise, Complex Id, Complex Name, Floor wise
      b. All Shop, Available, Booked , floor wise
      c. Tenant Transaction , date wise DUE, Payment
      d. Administrative expense date wise
      e. Bank Statement Date to Date , Individual Bank Name, Branch with Account Name
      f. Total Income Report
      g. Total Expense
              h. Balance Sheet

Asset/Rent Management System
Price ৳395,600 / $4950