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MLM System

All About Accounting/Finance management System Software

MLM Management Software

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MLM Management Software
Price ৳4,95,000 / $5625

MLM Management System

Admin Panel

  1. Setup:
  2. Company Name, Phone, Email, Address, Website, Matching Point, Matching Amount, Logo (Edit/Update)
  3. User Access
  4. User List
  5. Package: Add new package: (Sl, Package. Name, Package. Price, Package. Point, Package. Type, Package. Time, Maximum Matching, Condition free, Action), All Packages (Edit/Update)
  6. Client: All Client List (Sl, Sponsor ID, Position ID, Link, Name, Username, Activation Status, Status, Action)
  7. Give Balance: Add New (Client, Balance, Note), All Balance List (Sl, Date, Trx ID, User ID, Description, Debit, Credit, Note, Action)
  8. Commission: (Investment Profit Process)
  9. Query: All Contact Mail List (SL, Name, Mobile, Email, Subject, Message, Status, Action)
  10. Withdraw: All Pending Withdraw List (Sl, Date, Trans Type, User ID, Trans Number, Trns ID, Amount, Status, Note, Action), All Withdraw List: Sl, Date, Trans Type, User, Trans Number, Admin Trans Number, Amount, Status, Note, Action.


User Dashboard/Panel:

At a glance: Total User, Left User,Right User, Total Match, Left Point, Right Point, Total Active, Left Active, Right Active

  1. Client Profile ((Edit/Update):
  2. Personal Information: (Username, Father Name, Mother Name, Date of Birth, NID, Occupation, Occupation Desc, Present Address, Permanent Address, Office Address etc.)
  3. Bank Information: Bank Name, Branch Name, Account Number, Bank Country
  4. Nominee Information: (Nominee Name, Father Name, NID, Date Of Birth, Relation)
  5. Change Password (Edit/Update): Old Password, New Password, Confirm Password
  6. Transaction: Transfer Balance (Transfer To ID, Available Balance, Transfer Balance, Note), All Transaction list (Sl, Date, Transaction Type, Debit, Credit, Balance, Note)
  7. Purchases Package: New Purchase (Trx Id, Package List, Available Balance, Remain Balance), All Purchases Package List (Sl, Package, Purchases Date, First End Date, Last End Date, Trx ID, Price, Pay Amount)
  8. All Packages: All Package List (Sl, Package.Name, Package.Price, Package.Point, Package.Type, Pay Amount, Package.Time, Maximum Matching, Condition free)
  9. Network List / Binary Tree: Root -> Left, Right -> Children
  10. Sponsor Commission List: Sl, Trx ID, Date, Description, Commission
  11. All Matching List: Sl, Trx ID, Date, Description, Commission
  12. Investment Commission List: Sl, Trx ID, Date, Description, Commission
  13. Withdraw: Bank, Mobile withdrawn (Transaction Type, Account Number, Country, Bank Name, Branch, Available Balance, Withdraw Balance, Note), All Withdraw List (Sl, Date, Trans Type, AC Number, Admin, Trns ID, Amount, Status, Note)
  14. Transfer Balance: Transfer To ID, Available Balance, Transfer Balance, Note

MLM Management Software
Price ৳4,95,000 / $5625