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Our Software’s

Financial Setup-

  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. View Chart of Accounts
  3. Opening Balance

Financial Transaction-

  1. Payment Voucher
  2. Receive Voucher
  3. Journal Voucher

Financial Report-

  1. General Ledger
  2. Trial Balance
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Income Statement
  5. Cash Flow
  6. Cash Book
  7. Customer Ledger
  8. Supplier Ledger
  1. Product/Goods
  2. Purchase
  3. Sales
  4. Inventory/Stock
  5. Company Transaction
  6. Reports
  1. Basic Setting
  2. Task
    New Task
    View all Task
  3. Project
    Add Project
    View Project
    Client Project
  4. Meeting Manage
    Add Metting
    Meeting List
  5. Booking
    New Booking
    Booking List
  6. Ticket
    Open Ticket
    All Tickets
  7. Reports

Bonded Item

  1. Poly Section
    P.P (Poly Propylene)
    L.L.D.P.E (Low Liner Density Poly Ethylene)
    L.D.P.E (Low Density Poly Ethylene)
    Press Section
  2. Sewing Thread
  3. Care Label Section
  4. Carton Section
  5. Woven Label
  6. Printing INK (Press)
  7. Art Card
  8. Sticker + Solid Card
  9. Duplex Board
  10. Ribbon
  11. Report


  • Non Bonded Items
    Black Paper
    Transparent Sticker

Benefits of Garments ERP Software-

Garments ERP software has a lot of benefits for textile and apparel industries.

  • Everyone interacts with a centralized database system
  • Plays an important role in easily monitoring of industry.
  • Takes less time than manual data-entry process.
  • Easily accessible from anywhere using the internet.
  • Remove the possibility of unauthorized data manipulation
  • Faster decision making: Get reports within a very short time.

Basic Modules of Garments ERP Software-

  1. Marketing
  2. Merchandising
  3. Time & Action (TNA)
  4. Work Study /IE
  5. Planning:
  6. Dyeing & Finishing Service Work Order
  7. Commercial:
  8. Gate Entry:
  9. Yarn Store:
  10. Knit Grey Fabric Production:
  11. Grey Fabric Store:
  12. Dyes and Chemical Store:
  13. Fabric Dyeing & Finishing Production:
  14. Finish Fabric Store:
  15. Trims Store:
  16. Garments Production:
    1. Cutting
    2. Embellishment
    3. Sewing
  17. General Store:
  18. Central Store Management:
  19. Sample Garment Production
  20. Buyer/Subcontract Management

Human Resource-

Basic Settings

  1. Name
  2. ID
  3. Sex
  4. Mobile
  5. Picture
  6. Parent’s Name
  7. Permanent Address
  8. Present Address
  9. DOB
  10. National ID
  11. Educational Qualification
  12. Experience

Joining Condition

  1. Salary information
  2. Working hour
  3. Leave record


  1. Leave application
  2. Leave Record
  3. Leave Approve/Pending


  1. Increment Record

Provident Fund

  1. Pf Profit
  2. Check Balance
  3. Pf Balance Ledger
  4. Pf Profit Ledger
  5. Pf Profit Distribute


  1. Attendance Process From Device
  2. Attendance Manual

Entry System

  1. All Entry
  2. Leave Transaction
  3. Advance Loan
  4. Resign Entry
  5. Left Entry
  6. Earn Leave Entry
  7. New To Regular
  8. Increment Entry
  9. Promotion Entry


Daily Report-

Out & In Report, Daily present report, Daily Absent report, Daily leave report, Daily late report, Daily out punch miss report, Daily OT, Daily EOT, Actual Present Report

Monthly Report-

Attendance Register, OT Register, EOT Register

Continuous Report-

Leave Report, Increment, Promotion, Present, absent, resign, new join


  1. Process
  2. Salary Process


Salary Report (Pay Slip, Allowance Sheet, Deduction Sheet, Bank Sheet, Salary Sheet),Others Benefit Report (Maternity Benefit Report, Festival Bonus)

  1. Basic Setting
    1. Company profile
    2. Employee profile (ID Wise)
    3. Complex Profile/Market Information (ID Wise)
    4. Tenant Basic Information (ID Wise)
    5. Bank Account Information Setup
  2. Booking Flat/Shop
    1. Tenant ID
    2. Deposit/ Security money
    3. Rent (Per Sft.)
    4. Total Rent
    5. Floor, Flat/Shop No.
    6. Advance , Refund
    7. Booking Date
    8. Booked, Delete, update and quit facilities
    9. Search facilities
  3. Cancel Flat/Shop
    1. Complex ID, Name, Floor, Flat/Shop
    2. Delete, Cancel facilities
  4. Rent Allowance
    1. Monthly Bill Allowance
    2. All tenant, Selected Flat/Shop, floor wise
    3. Maintenance & Service Charge(Tenant Name, Floor, Rent, Electric, Gas, Water )
  1. Rent Collect
    1. Complex Id, Floor, Type, tenant ID, Bank Name, Branch cash/bank
    2. Total Rent, Less for advance, Net Payable
    3. Receive & Print Money Receipts
  2. Salary Paid
    1. Employee Id, employee Type, Month, Year, Date
    2. Advance, Advance Refund
    3. Cash, Bank, Memo No.
    4. Print Money receipt
  3. Bank Transaction
    1. Withdraw, Deposit
    2. Date, Bank Name, Check No, Withdrawn By
    3. Current Balance, withdraw Amount, Transfer one account to another account
  4. Expense
    1. Administrative expense
    2. Date , expense description, expense by, amount
    3. Cash, check, paid by bank name, memo no.
    4. Print facilities, show expense by date to date
  1. Reports
    1. Tenant Information Complex wise, Floor wise, Complex Id, Complex Name, Floor wise
    2. All Shop, Available, Booked , floor wise
    3. Tenant Transaction , date wise DUE, Payment
    4. Administrative expense date wise
    5. Bank Statement Date to Date , Individual Bank Name, Branch with Account Name
    6. Total Income Report
    7. Total Expense
  • Student Admission: By filling up certain relevant boxes a student’s profile can be created and saved in the system.
  • Student Registration: By registering the student in the system his/her class, group, section & shift can be saved in the system.
  • Merit List: The Merit List shows a particular class’s section’s shift’s total merit positions with name GPA, Total GP, Total marks and subjects failed.
  • Progress Report: The Progress Report shows a particular student’s subject wise mark distribution.
  • Tabulation Sheet: It shows a particular class’s section’s shift’s tabulations sheet of those student with GPA, Pass/Fail and position.
  • Teacher Assign: With the help of this software a teacher can be assigned according to group, shift, section and class.
  • Mark Distribution: In this section marks of students are given or awarded by the authorized user according to group, shift,  section and class.
  • Aptitude: In this section Aptitudes of students are given or awarded by the authorized user according to group, shift,  section and class.
  • Add New User: In this section a new user can be assigned by fulfilling conditions by choosing user type
  • Accounts: It will be done after receiving client’s requirements. We have done Basic Accounts Income, Expense etc.

Available Featured Modules:

  • Subject management.
  • Class management.
  • Payments Overview.
  • Subjects management.
  • Fees management.
  • Overdue students list.
  • Student management.
  • Teacher Management.
  • Records management.
  • Management relationships between different types of users.
  • Reports generator.
  • SMS Alerts.

Features related to Students-

  • Students Admission.
  • Students Registration.
  • Students Search

Features related to Teachers –

  • Student, teacher details
  • Teacher Search
  • Teacher Assign
  • Class Management
  • Section, Group, Shift etc. management
  • Marks distribution
  • Progress Report
  • Merit list
  • Tabulation Sheet

Features related to Accounts and administration –

  • Institutional income information and report (on daily, monthly and yearly basis)
  • Institutional expense information and report (on daily, monthly and yearly basis)
  • Institutional, Managerial other reports (Based on requirements)

Basic Setting

  1. Company Profile (Create Head Office)
  2. Project/Plot/Create (Edit/Update/Delete)
  3. Employee Information
  4. Employee Role Assign (User Access Setup)


  1. Customer Registration (Customer Name, N.ID, Picture, DOB, Cell, Nominee1/2/3 etc)
  2. Add new customer
  3. List of customer
  4. Customer Ledger


  1. Installment
  2. Short Term
  3. Long Term
  4. Total Installment
  5. Fixed

Sales /Invoice

  1. Create invoice
  2. List invoice
  3. Bill to Bill payment system
  4. Refund System

Projects info

  1. Create Project with details
  2. List of projects

Plot Issue

  1. Plot Issue to a project
  2. Plot Issue/Booked/Available with details Customer ledger
  3. List of issue

Sales and  Commission-

Create sales or commission person profile to track this commission and payment.

Accounts / Cashbook

  1. Create accounts
  2. Petty cash
  3. Balance transfer account to account
  4. Transaction history
  5. Account statement.
  6. Balance status

Corporate Expenses

  1. Dynamic Head, subhead create system
  2. Head, sub head wise expense add system

Project Expenses (Project wise)

  1. Dynamic Head, sub head create system
  2. Head, subhead wise expense add system


  1. Sales report (Custom Date wise)
  2. Project wise
  3. Plot wise
  4. Overall/ Date to date
  5. Collection report
  6. Daily and monthly financial summary
  7. Customer ledger
  8. Balance sheet
  9. Profit loss (Gross-Project wise & Net)
  10. Refund report
  11. Expense report
  1. Hospital Service –Front Desk (Outdoor-OPD, Indoor-IPD & imaging system)
  2. Laboratory Service (Pathology, Radiology & USG)
  3. Account Management System
  4. HR & Payroll Management System
  5. Pharmacy Management System
  6. Inventory Management System
  1. Product/Goods
  • Company Information/Supplier /Vendor Information/
  • Product Category
  • Product Unit
  • Product Entry
  • Product Reorder (Threshold Value)
  • Product/Goods list
  • Stock Goods


  1. Purchase
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase/Stock In
  • Purchase Payment
  • Purchase Due Payment
  • All Purchase View


  1. Sales Module:
  • Sales Goods
  • Manually /Barcode (Barcode Reader Sales Management and Tracking)
  • Print Sales Invoice
  • Under Stock
  • Return/Change Product
  • Sales Statement


  1. Inventory/Stock:
  • Product Wise Stock Summary
  • Style Search
  • Return Goods
  • Receive Goods
  • Stock Report
  • Stock Ledger
  • Label Indicator (Defined for each and every product when the product under the minimum label of stock)
  • Category Wise Stock Summary
  • Supplier Wise Stock Summary


  1. Company Transaction:
  • Collection Entry
  • Bank Transaction
  • Cash Transaction
  • Transaction Report
  • Current Asset
  • Company Cash
  • Individual Bank
  • Bank all Transaction


Travel Agency Management Software:

1. Office Automation
2. Accounting
3. Inventory Stock
4. Travel management system
5. Agent management system

System user’s type: Super admin, admin, end user
 The user can login to the system with their username & password with some predefined access limit.
 Admin can create, delete and update information.
 Accounts with commissioning
 Agent management, information, Stock & Inventory
 System will notify Urgent jobs and threshold limit.
 System will generate Payment sleep, Invoice and Passenger /Agent billing.
 User can create, delete and update Expense Head/Subhead and make the expense transaction.
 All payment transaction can be made by direct cash or bank.
 Create Bank and branch information.


 Payment sleep
 Individual agent/passenger report
 Profit/Loss Report
 Expense Report
 Total agent/passenger report
 Income report
 Balance sheet
 Agent information, commission, others

Admin Panel:

  1. Setup:
  1. Company Name, Phone, Email, Address, Logo (Edit/Update)
  2. Spot Point & Commission
  • Matching Point, Matching Commission
  1. Duplex Commission
  2. Generation Commission
  3. Retail Profit Commission
  • Award & Designation
  • Dealer
    1. Mini Bazar
    2. Mega Bazar
    3. Super Bazar
  1. Share Holder Director Commission
  1. User Access
  2. User List
  3. Package: Add new package: (Sl, Package. Name, Package. Price, Package. Point, Package. Type, Package. Time, Maximum Matching, Condition free, Action), All Packages (Edit/Update)
  4. Client: All Client List (Sl, Sponsor ID, Position ID, Link, Name, Username, Activation Status, Status, Action)
  5. Give Balance: Add New (Client, Balance, Note), All Balance List (Sl, Date, Trx ID, User ID, Description, Debit, Credit, Note, Action)
  6. Commission: (Profit Process)
  7. Query: All Contact Mail List (SL, Name, Mobile, Email, Subject, Message, Status, Action)
  8. Withdraw: All Pending Withdraw List (Sl, Date, Trans Type, User ID, Trans Number, Trns ID, Amount, Status, Note, Action), All Withdraw List: Sl, Date, Trans Type, User, Trans Number, Admin Trans Number, Amount, Status, Note, Action.











Fig: Client Panel (At a glance: Total User, Left User, Right User, Total Match, Left Point, Right Point, Total Active, Left Active, Right Active)

User/Client Panel:

    1. Client Profile ((Edit/Update):
    2. Personal Information: (Username, Father Name, Mother Name, Date of Birth, NID, Occupation, Occupation Desc, Present Address, Permanent Address, Office Address etc.)
    3. Bank Information: Bank Name, Branch Name, Account Number, Bank Country
    4. Nominee Information: (Nominee Name, Father Name, NID, Date Of Birth, Relation)
    5. Change Password (Edit/Update): Old Password, New Password, Confirm Password
    6. Transaction: Transfer Balance (Transfer To ID, Available Balance, Transfer Balance, Note), All Transaction list (Sl, Date, Transaction Type, Debit, Credit, Balance, Note)
    7. Purchases Package: New Purchase (Trx Id, Package List, Available Balance, Remain Balance), All Purchases Package List (Sl, Package, Purchases Date, First End Date, Last End Date, Trx ID, Price, Pay Amount)
    8. All Packages: All Package List (Sl, Package.Name, Package.Price, Package.Point, Package.Type, Pay Amount, Package.Time, Maximum Matching, Condition free)
    9. Spot Commission, Matching Commission, Duplex Commission, Generation Commission, Retail Profit Commission, Award & Designation
    10. Network List / Binary Tree: Root -> Left, Right -> Children
    11. Withdraw: Bank, Mobile withdrawn (Transaction Type, Account Number, Country, Bank Name, Branch, Available Balance, Withdraw Balance, Note), All Withdraw List (Sl, Date, Trans Type, AC Number, Admin, Trns ID, Amount, Status, Note)
    12. Transfer Balance: Transfer To ID, Available Balance, Transfer Balance, Note


Company Profile, Employee, Bank, Export Price, Invoice Note, Import, Export Salary, Delivery Charge, PRICE, Income, Expense, FR Price List,Import Report.

  • Manifest


  • Delivery Chart


  • Posting Chart


Export Report

  • Manifest
  • Delivery Chart
  • Posting Chart


  • Export List
  • Expense List
  • Employee Salary list
  • Bank
  • Income By Employee
  • Income in Employee Zone
  • Income

Export Manifest Type
Export List
Billing Chart

  • Bill Import

Due Payment, Area Wise

  • Monthly Bill Import

Info, Customer Info, Contact person Info, Product Info, Money, Date

  • Export Bill

Edit Import
Edit Delivery Chart
Edit Posting Chart
Edit Export
Sample List
View List
Delivery Charge
Date, AWB NO., Company, Product Details, Round Weight, COD Amount