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Real Estate Management System

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Real Estate Management System

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Real Estate Management
Price ৳4,95,000 / $5625

Real Estate Management System

Basic Setting

  1. Company Profile (Create Head Office)
  2. Project/Plot/Create (Edit/Update/Delete)
  3. Employee Information
  4. Employee Role Assign (User Access Setup)


  1. Customer Registration (Customer Name, N.ID, Picture, DOB, Cell, Nominee1/2/3 etc)
  2. Add new customer
  3. List of customer
  4. Customer Ledger


  1. Installment
  2. Short Term
  3. Long Term
  4. Total Installment
  5. Fixed

Sales /Invoice

  1. Create invoice
  2. List invoice
  3. Bill to Bill payment system
  4. Refund System

Projects info

  1. Create Project with details
  2. List of projects

Plot Issue

  1. Plot Issue to a project
  2. Plot Issue/Booked/Available with details Customer ledger
  3. List of issue

Sales and  Commission-

Create sales or commission person profile to track this commission and payment.

Accounts / Cashbook

  1. Create accounts
  2. Petty cash
  3. Balance transfer account to account
  4. Transaction history
  5. Account statement.
  6. Balance status

Corporate Expenses

  1. Dynamic Head, subhead create system
  2. Head, sub head wise expense add system

Project Expenses (Project wise)

  1. Dynamic Head, sub head create system
  2. Head, subhead wise expense add system


  1. Sales report (Custom Date wise)
  2. Project wise
  3. Plot wise
  4. Overall/ Date to date
  5. Collection report
  6. Daily and monthly financial summary
  7. Customer ledger
  8. Balance sheet
  9. Profit loss (Gross-Project wise & Net)
  10. Refund report
  11. Expense report

Real Estate Management
Price ৳4,95,000 / $5625